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How to Prepare Your Special Education Classroom for Halloween

It is the week of Halloween and you might be feeling a little overwhelmed! Let me help you!

I will share some ready to go resources that will help you this week when being the fun teacher.

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a very small commission on purchases you make using my recommendations at no cost to you! Thank you for your support. Click on the images to be redirected.

Prepare your students with social stories for this week. I have linked some free already made ones, but if you have a specific annual activity that happens at your school, like a parade or a festival, take the time now to inform your students what will be happening this week. No one likes it when their schedule gets thrown off. Now is the time for you to prepare your students for upcoming changes.

Enjoy all the reading!

Need some inclusive October/Halloween books?

Check out the most recent blog post about some of my faves!

This is something you could do for 15-30 minutes a day and can be a time to practice mainstreaming and reverse mainstreaming. Students can read with each other, answer questions about the book together with appropriate accommodations, and even do a simple art activity about the book.

I love creating lessons that can keep expanding for a week long lesson plan. Less work.

Do you need some books explaining what Halloween is? Where do these stories and traditions come from?

Click the images to be redirected.

But just keep repeating to yourself.

You got this.

Things won't all go as planned and that is ok.

You are human.

Inclusion starts with you and I just want to help



And if you wanna keep reading...



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