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How to Create an Inclusive Classroom for Halloween

It is the week of Halloween and you might be feeling a little overwhelmed! Kids are basically eating candy and excited for all the festivities so they are losing their minds. Halloween is also the beginning of the holiday season, so some of these practices will be beneficial for you till we ring in the new year.

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First, of course, prepare your students with social stories for this week. I have linked some free already made ones, but if you have a specific annual activity that happens at your school, like a parade or a festival, take the time now to inform your students what will be happening this week. No one likes it when their schedule gets thrown off. Now is the time for you to prepare your students for upcoming changes.

Second, educate them on the October holidays!

Need some inclusive October/Halloween books?

Check out this blog post for some of my faves! But of course the BEST NEW INCLUSIVE HALLOWEEN BOOK can be purchased here. Dallas the Dog is my new book that talks about how to have an inclusive Halloween and features a character that celebrates Dia de los Muertos.

If you need a video to watch so you can get a couple of minutes to take a breather for yourself and enjoy some of my read alouds of these books on my YouTube channel. Dallas the Dog coming soon!!

Holidays are also a great time to blend with another class and have the students read to each other, answer questions about the book together with appropriate accommodations, and even do a simple art activity about the book.

Looking for more fun book explaining what Halloween is? Where do these stories and traditions come from?

Click the images to be redirected.

Third, have some activities that are easily accessible. Some of my favorite activities was working on 5 senses with a pumpkin. We would even take out the seeds and feel the inside. So many science possibilities here.

I also enjoyed making a vegetable skeleton with my class.

This was a fun activity for my students because they got to practice cutting vegetables, we used these, and they could put them in their mouth! Win-win!

I also made sure to celebrate dia de los muertos. If you need a packet of worksheets, check out my teachers pay teachers inclusive spooky season packet here.

Lastly, embrace the fun and accept that things won't go as planned.

Halloween being on a weekday is insane and it messes with everyone's schedule. November 1st can be a chill, lower expectations kind of a day.

Inclusion starts with you and I just want to help




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