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Field Trips

They can be so fun. You are with all of our students, in a new environment, learning and playing. You get to bring them on a bus and into a new place in their community that they might have never gone to before. However, field trips are also tiring. Organizing transportation, tickets, money, parent chaperones, clearing parent chaperones, snacks, lunch, and then you have to worry about safety.

Have you EVER lost a child??? IT. IS. THE. WORST. FEELING. IN. THE. WORLD.

And I hate it when people say "well it sounds like the parent/teacher wasn't watching them good enough." I watch each one of my students like a hawk. I am constantly counting them and have an adult partnered with a student, it is intense. But then you turn your head for a second because a student screams and you turn your head back around and they are gone.

Don't worry. They were only a few steps away from me in an elevator......... thank god for staff that pays attention at places where there are a bunch of children.

Anywho. I am a huge advocate for field trips. All students learn from them and it is a great way to teach students with disabilities on how to be out in their community appropriately.

My students have learned about animals, science, public transportation, how to sit in a movie (harder than you think) and all because of field trips. They've also learned how to use public bathrooms with more people in them, how to adapt to louder noises, and why we don't run around an aquarium without your adult buddy.

Field trips are also a GREAT way to get parent involvement and show these student's parents how to be out in their community. It can be hard for parents to venture out when they are concerned about their child's safety all of the time. Parents are also worried about inconveniencing other patrons of these fine establishments. Having their student's teacher there can help them feel moe confident for future outings.

Bottom line. Go on field trips with your SDC Classrooms.

Still afraid? Here are some tips.

1. Have everyone wear the same color bright shirt (blue, tie-dye, whatever)

2. Get parents to come-one on one support is good (especially if you are in a Mod-Sev class like me)

3. Put a temporary tattoo or sticker on their shirt that says something like "I am non-verbal. If I am alone, please call (XXX) XXX-XXXX"

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