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10 Back To School Things EVERY Teacher Needs

Summer is coming to an end and it is time to get pumped up for the beginning of the school year!

I am going to be completely honest here.. I LOVE THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!

Those first impressions, meeting the students, or seeing them again after summer, getting back into a schedule (my absolute favorite), and new goals!! I am going to share with you 10 things that are NECESSARY for the first day of school. Below is an actual picture of me on my FIRST DAY AS A TEACHER!!!

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a very small commission on purchases you make using my recommendations at no cost to you! Thank you for your support (and not on all links-just Amazon links).

1. Planner

Now don't look at the first item on the list and dismiss it like "ok another teacher telling me

to get organized.." because seriously, if you are living your life without a planner.. you need to know that you are living your teacher life wrong!!

And with this planner, choose one of those big monthly desk calendars, get those IEP meetings, field trips, assemblies, professional developments, birthdays, and holidays on there. Check to see when you are taking mental health days. Don't let anything surprise you!

Want to support a fellow teacher?? By Lauren Cella's planner here !

2. Weekly Planner

This is the one I referenced every day of my teaching life. On Friday, I would prepare my weekly planner for the following week and this was where I would write down my to do list.

I did not like having a long to do list because it was overwhelming. Instead I would spread out my to do list throughout the week and It also gave me the visual I needed to be successful. My favorite you can purchase here.

3. Keychain or Lanyard for Your Keys

I was in elementary school for the majority of my teaching career and I had a minion lanyard I got at some random store like Claire's or the Hello Kitty store.. I saw it and instantly purchased. Wore it for my entire teaching career. Here are some other options :) Click on the images to be redirected.

I strongly suggest getting a lanyard that if it gets pulled on, it comes apart.

I have had students pull on the lanyard and I have had it get stuck in my desk. Because it would just snap apart, it definitely saved me neck from some bruises.

4. An alarm on your phone to leave!!


I had an alarm on my phone that I would set (which was still after contracted hours but less than an hour.. I think). I would also sign up for work out classes that I would have to leave my campus by 3:30 or I would get fined. That also helped. I know we teachers feel like we need to have everything done perfectly, but you don't. I am telling you, you do not!! I will have another blog post about open ended sensory activities that take little planning but fun for kids.. so stay on the lookout.

5. Hobbies for outside of the classroom

Seriously, grab a piece of paper and write down 3 hobbies you want to try this year.

Here are some suggestions and links to get started:

crocheting, working out, reading, cooking, join an adult sport league, join an improv group, photography, music, rock climbing, dance classes, archery, learn calligraphy, the list goes on!

6. A social calendar with and without your coworkers

This is nothing to buy. But this is something to keep in mind and even write reminders in your planner.

My school started doing happy hour once a week and even at my last school I taught at, my classroom staff and I would do off campus hangs. It was so great to bond outside of the classroom and feel more connected which helped on campus too.

7. Pens that you like and put them in a place no one will get to!

My favorite pens are paper mate. They aren't for everyone. Find your faves and keep them close. The second a pen starts going out, I throw it away real fast. I also love different colored pens because it makes me happy. Do things that make you happy. :)

8. Headphones

Pleaseeeeee go get you some good headphones. If you need airpods, or noise cancelling headphones, just go get it!! And then keep it in a real safe place. If recess or lunch is a time to have some alone time, then take it, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

9. A good book

Have a small TBR list that can make you happy. I absolutely love chilling out and having some great books to read to just enjoy some time for myself and my brain. Go to and go buy a new book!

10. A wish list

Make that wish list and send it home to your families. My mom absolutely LOVED getting stuff for my teachers. And I had parents who would ask me if I needed anything so it was nice to have a list prepared for them.

OK! Top 10 list What did I miss? Anything new for you?

Happy Teaching!!



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