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Let him dance!

Now that it is summer and I have made this huge move hundreds of miles away from the Bay Area, I have started reminiscing. It started by watching all of these videos of my former students and I came across one of my faves (they're all my faves), Jeremy. Jeremy is diagnosed with Autism and has the best personality in the world. He is always smiling, unless he's not, and seems to have no control of the volume in his voice, which makes me love him even more.

SO, I am watching my videos on my phone and came across one of the middle school orchestra assembly. My students who are mostly all first graders were attentive and happy and I had to document it for their parents. As I take my phone out, I realize Jeremy in the corner of my eye starting to dance it out. His teacher (who I love and am so happy is the teacher my students get after me) let him get up to dance in the back of the multipurpose room.

Man did he bust a move. He moved every part of his body, smiling ear to ear, and used every open spot in the back of the room to dance. Now their were parents there and our whole school watching the orchestra perform and Jeremy dancing it out in the back didn't affect the show at all. As I have said before, you should always follow the child to see what they are trying to communicate. Jeremy is not the best verbal communicator. The best choice was made when his teacher let him get up when she noticed he was fidgeting in his chair, distracted by the boogie in his shoes.

I guess the lesson to learn from this story is:

1. Let them dance.

2. Be open to rules being a little different but still acceptable.

3. I miss my students!

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