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*Click on the pictures for Ability Awareness activities*

August is our first month of school. Which means Buddy Class is in the process of being introduced to the two classrooms. As a Special Education teacher, I know it takes a few weeks to get your own students on a schedule, use to a new classroom, and positive behavior interventions in place.  I use August as an Ability Awareness and introduction month. 

Before I even introduce the students to each other, I go into the general education classroom and hold an ability awareness for the students. Ability awareness (in this case) is an activity for students to learn about what my students are capable of doing and why they may do some things that aren't what they are use to. 

Then we have an introduction Buddy Class. These are always VERY simple and just introducing everyone to each other. Depending on your students and the support you have in the classroom, you can do any of the following:

1. Reading Groups: Get a bunch of books, split everyone into groups, and take turns reading to each other. 

2. Short Movie: We will watch Signing Time and talk about other ways of communicating. 

3. P.E.: Playing a very basic PE game, such as red light green light, duck-duck-goose, or 4 corners. 

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