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5 inclusive bulletin board ideas

With the beginning of school right around the corner, everyone is starting to get their classroom ready. Which means it is time to get those bulletin boards up. If you have bulletin boards inside of your classroom, that is always a great place to display the art or work of the student's in your classroom.

Here are 5 tips on how to make the most inclusive bulletin boards that you can!!

1. For the first bulletin board idea, as you are probably setting this up before even meeting your students, is to have an awesome inclusion quote. Especially if you have a bulletin that everyone can see! This one is adorable and it is on teachers pay teachers. Click the image for the link!

2. Once students are in my classroom, it is all about showcasing their artwork. Sometime, I even have my students help me decorate the bulletin board. The holiday one below was decorated by my students alongside our buddy class peers.

3. Get creative and decorate other areas around your classroom! For Halloween, we had a Halloween fair at our school and we knew our hallway was going to be opened to the families. That's when we had the idea to add our Buddy Class bat activities.

4. Do you practice reverse mainstreaming (general education peers come in to your classroom)? Adding their work to these bulletin boards is a great way to practice inclusion! Students can come in and be proud that their work is up too. We had multiple bulletin boards for my classroom (2 inside and 1 outside). The one outside, was always decorated from our Buddy Class activities.

5. Lastly, make it fun and make it you. I am showing you my examples because I do not perfect my bulletin boards. I changed them monthly, I worked quickly, and let the student's help. These bulletin boards might not be the ones teachers always strive for. But they made me and my classroom happy. Inclusion was the goal, so any chance I can get my student's involved, I did it. Here is my last example of a Buddy Class activity where we wrote down what we were thankful for and decorated feathers for our turkey.

Good luck teachers on the first week of school coming up (or already here for some of you!) and create those bulletin boards that make you happy. Get creative. Be the example. You rock!


Inclusion Starts Now


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