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Week 1

This fall poem is a simple activity for students to work together and still be creative. You can also include any other small fall activity with this poem. In the past, we have made leafs with tissue paper and glue, use q-tips to paint falling leaves off of a tree etc. Another fun activity to do this week is a nature walk. Go around your campus and look for leaves, flowers, grass to either collect and add to a paper or color. 

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Week 2

We make these bats every year and hang them up for our Halloween Happening (an annual carnival for our school). We share a hallway with out buddy class and they will always have an activity in our hall so we can show off our bats. 

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Week 3

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This week I googled "monsters coloring sheet" and printed out 3 monsters. Each student gets to choose the monster they want and they get to color, name, and describe him. For my students, we modified the work on the spot. For example, some students can count out loud when others need visuals. For those students we would write numbers on a separate page, count the eyes together, and then have them point to the number you counted together. You can also show this to a Buddy and have them help. 

Week 4

We always have one week of Buddy Class that is a "play week." I either find stuff on TeachersPayTeachers, Super Teacher Worksheets, play board games in small groups, or reading groups. 

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