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Together we can educate people on how capable we all are, with or without disabilities.

I created a new e-course for you!
10 tips on how to get inclusion at your school with videos, hand-outs, resources. Check it out here.

Use code: Kayla10 for 10% off!

 While adding to my inclusive library, I realized we needed more representation for the deafblind community.

I  wrote Tyler the Snake, which you can purchase here.

There is now a GoFundMe set up to get two more books created AND in your hands!


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15% Off All Items

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Hi! I am Kayla. An aide, turned teacher, turned education specialist, turned inclusion consultant.


Welcome to Inclusion Starts Now.


I am here to support you anyway I can.

If you are a teacher, a parent, or a person looking to build

a more inclusive community, let's get started.


Check here for updated resources for you!


A list of my favorite inclusive books, including one I wrote.

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Schedule a free 30-minute consultation today to create an action plan and next steps.

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