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My clients increase inclusive practices for

their students with disabilities when they implement the strategies revealed in my

“3 Inclusive Practices You Haven’t Tried

Yet at Your School” e-book for $0 

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My former schools are still utilizing my inclusion instructional

practices even though I have not been teaching there for years! 


My students increased their time spent in the general education

classroom by an average of 30% using my inclusive practices.

Download the "3 Inclusive Practices You Haven’t Tried Yet" e-book at Your School to start making changes NOW towards a more inclusive community!

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If you dream of an inclusive community at your school,

district, or education organization without barriers, but you

just can’t seem to figure out the next step, then say hello to my 

$0 "3 Inclusive Instructional Practices You Haven't Tried Yet"

My e-book is for you if…

  • You are stuck trying to convince staff your students are capable of being included.

  • You don’t have the time to modify assignments for your students to be included or coach your teachers on how to do so

  • You aren’t sure how to get your students with disabilities to form genuine relationships with their non-disabled peers.

  • You have students with disabilities in your classroom, school or districts but you don’t know how to actually involve them in their community.

  • Your “inclusive” strategy doesn’t seem to be working to increase time in the general education setting. 

  • You often find your students with disabilities sitting at their own lunch table or learning in a separate classroom.


Here’s your $0 chance to experience 3 Inclusive Instructional Practices to try right now!

Niki Webb, Founder of New Growth

“Kayla Coburn is a wealth of knowledge and an amazing advocate for inclusivity within the education system. She is extremely professional, passionate, and has some great tips and tricks to share on how to include children into all settings!."
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