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Inclusion starts with you

& I just want to help.

When you choose to work with Inclusion Starts Now, you are making the decision to foster a culture of inclusion at your school. Inclusion is unique to each individual, and together we will develop a personalized action plan to equip your community for effectively including students with disabilities.

Online Courses for Educators and Leaders Looking to Ignite Inclusion

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I love reading your books. My students ask for them weekly!


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When we got to the character with the allergy, my child said "that's just like me!" It was so nice having representation in such a simple way.


Educating people on how to include students with disabilities has been my passion since the day I could make a friend.
I want to help you feel the joy and community
that stems from including everyone. 

Est. in education 2010

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Niki Webb, Founder of New Growth

“Kayla Coburn is a wealth of knowledge and an amazing advocate for inclusivity within the education system. She is extremely professional, passionate, and has some great tips and tricks to share on how to include children into all settings!."
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