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The Classic New Year, New Me. But Not That New.

This last year has been full to say the least.

Not only did I decide to start bloggin and vloggin away, but I started working with a company to start educating schools on how to bring inclusive practices to their classroom.

While doing this, we welcomed our second child into the world and he is the happiest baby until he is not, which can be exhausting. I continued working part-time with our state's deafblind project and using our grandparents as babysitters to save money.

Which eventually led my partner and I to make the huge decision to move out of the state we have lived in all of our lives and become Washingtonians.

With this move meant I had to give up my part-time job, but have decided to turn all of my efforts towards Inclusion Starts Now. This move also means we lost our "free babysitters," so my social media posts might start focusing more on my children and how I am teaching them to be inclusive. Which I am excited for.

Heading into this new year, I am ready to really give Inclusion Starts Now the chance it deserves. Of course, I have to make this blog post all about my resolutions for this next year.

Here we go...

  1. Finish and publish my Inclusion 101 e-course

  2. Create a schedule for the blog and vlogs

  3. Make an income (no minimum, but consistent) this year

  4. Help a minimum of 5 schools (trainings, coaching, etc.)

  5. Step back and take a break when needed

If you need more deets and are interested in being apart of any of these, keep on reading!

The e-course. Before the holidays started, I was hitting up my local Starbucks every weekend to work on this e-course. Once November hit, my time was limited. I have it outlined and I have the first chapter done but hoping to get a rough draft finalized by the end of January.


The blogs and vlogs. I had the idea that I would be able to do these weekly, but to keep updating old blog posts and editing vlog posts, I was burning myself out to quickly. I think I will switch off weekly on how I present the information (for example, week 1 blog week 2 vlog week 3 blog week 4 vlog).

Make an income and help schools. That's the dream.

And of course, learn to take time for myself. Isn't that the resolution everyone does every year?

Come join the fun!




And if you wanna keep reading...



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