Hi. I am Kayla and I am an obliger. For those of you who have read the book, The Four Tendencies, you will understand that I am a people pleaser. I think it is safe to say, most people in the special education field are. Let me explain. When someone gives me a deadline or any task to do, I will do them right away. When I give myself a task to do, it is basically IMPOSSIBLE for me to complete them. So here I am, attempting again, to be more active here.

I have two reasons. One, I am trying to write a book on how to make inclusion successful at your school (writing it here might give me the accountability I need). We will see if that can get done this year. Second, when we used to go to in-person conferences, people would ask me where I got my shirts, and I made them! Well I paid someone to make them for me.. Now I found a place who does it for way cheaper. So check out the shop! And check out the blog for possible sections of this "book" I am writing.

If your school needs help with inclusion, reach out to me! I am available to come to schools and train teachers, administrations, and students on how to include! Hit me up :)

And if you wanna keep reading...


                                             ..click away!

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