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Teaching Is Hard

This year has been the most challenging year I have ever had in my classroom and it’s only the beginning of November. I leave almost every day feeling defeated, one challenge after the other. I finally figure out how to get one student who refuses to do math to work for 10 minutes, while another student is running out the door. We finally have a 15-minute circle time with no screaming or hitting, but transitioning to the library takes 20 minutes. The student who loves to stem and walk around the room finally does work with me and my most reliable “not a problem” student can’t stop crying because they miss their mom today.

A month ago I kept thinking, “What am I doing here?!?! I’m DYING!”

But I come home, breathe, reflect on my day (by working on this blog) and remember the impact my team and I are making on each student every day. Reminding myself of the success stories I do have, data charts that are showing my students are learning, and coworkers who are always supportive. My last 2 years have been with all of the same kiddos and now I have a whole new batch of students ready to learn (whether they know it or not).

While stuck in this slump, I have been reaching out to coworkers and my principal trying to figure out a plan to feel successful, I have been venting to my better half, and I have been self-reflecting on my teaching by writing. But sometimes you just need a mental health day and take the day off.

Today (even though my whole school site is off for Veteran’s Day) has already left me feeling rejuvenated. I slept in until 7:15, I ate cereal while still in pajamas..possibly Christmas themed, and I am still working in my bed and it’s almost 9 fricken 30!!! I guess what I am trying to get at, is that Special Education is hard. It does take a lot of patience. But we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t absolutely LOVE what we do.

Even though this week was one of the hardest weeks as a teacher I have ever had, I am already getting myself pumped up for Monday. So any teachers out there that are just stressed out.. go treat yo self to a holiday beverage at Starbucks and take a selfie with those cute drinks or go crazy in the dollar spot in target this weekend. Because we all deserve it.


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