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Week 1

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This is an activity to do the first week of "official" buddy class. When we did this in our class we split up the class in groups and each group had a student from my class. I made specific prompts for my students by writing 2-3 choices for each question and tried to show the students from the general education classroom on how to communicate to my students. Reminding them to count to 10 before asking again, have one person talk at a time, etc.

Week 2

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This week we talk about difference and similarities that we all have. What we have in common is that we all get to school. What we have that may be different is how we get to school. This activity has us talk to others and answer basic questions and learn how to make a graph. To the right I attached basic coloring sheets with simple directions for another transportation activity. 

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Week 3

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I love putting sign language in lessons for buddy class. I know not all students in Special Day Classes use sign language, but if you have any students who are non-verbal, it can be very beneficial! This week we learn "Silly Pizza Song" from the brilliant creator of signing time. Click the link to the right for the full lesson. 

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Week 4

Another fall activity I love is making a tree with falling leaves. This is a very simple activity but you can always include this with your week of board games or reading groups. All you need is a blank tree (attached to the left), q-tips, and red, yellow, and orange paint.  

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