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Each of these topics can be taught in an hour or a full day, interactive training. Scroll to the bottom of the page if you have any questions. 

Inclusion 101

This session is the heart and soul of my professional developments offered. This session on inclusion focuses on how to start creating an inclusive community on your campus. I will give you information on inclusion, materials to help educators run ability awareness activities or buddy class, and create a jumping point for your campus to start building an inclusive community. 


First Steps Toward Inclusive Practices 


Inclusion doesn't happen in a day. It is ok and even encouraged to start small if their is too much hesitation. This PD will give you the tips on how to start small and continue to put in the work and grow minutes in the general education classroom. This PD will also go over language such as, mainstreaming, reverse mainstreaming, and inclusion and what they all mean.

Ability Awareness

Ability awareness activities are for students in the general education setting. This can be for primary or secondary school-aged students. This PD will give you multiple activities to implement on your site, what to expect after the activities have been implemented, and the materials for the activities. This PD will focus ONLY on Ability Awareness activities.

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Buddy Class

Inclusion starts now means community.jpg

Buddy class is a curriculum I created to make a consistent time for students to work together in an inclusive setting. This PD will teach you how to start Buddy Class, give you the curriculum (targeted for primary school), and discussing communication between peers. 

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