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Join the community of people fighting for inclusion

Class goes LIVE every 3rd Wednesday of the month

First class is January 17th @ 5:30PM PST

Each session will also give you resources to share with your community, suggested readings or podcasts to learn more from, and a professional learning community (PLC) for you to connect with. 


You will also be receiving the following

Inclusion Starts Now LLC resources:

  • How to be a Disability Ally ebook

  • Anti-Ableist Language Guide

  • Creating Inclusive IEPs Workbook

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Each class will be 90 minutes

60 minutes of learning

30 minutes of reflection, discussion, or questions.

I will also be sharing resources for you to share with your community: books, research articles, podcasts, and resources!


Lastly, I am challenging myself just a little bit more. Now these topics have been my focus on the last 10+ years in education. I have practiced, messed up, corrected, failed, and improved to bring you the best information that I can.

As a teacher who increased inclusive practices for every student I have

ever had (this includes educating my coworkers and admin), I want to

bring this information to you!

But I want to push myself even MORE out of my comfort zone. 

Every month, starting in November, I will be immersing myself into a new hobby I have never tried before and I will be bringing what I learn to our classes. It might be something small or it might be something that completely changes my way of thinking. This is what education and inclusion is. Rethinking and growing from what you know to make it even better. Who is with me??

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