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Week 1

I love February because it is a month full of appreciating each other and heart activities. So of course the first activity is going to be making valentines day cards for your community. I put out different colored paper, wrote names/examples of the board, and if they were following the instructions.. they got to use glitter!  Now would also be a great time to make Valentine's Day Card Mailboxes.

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The Spruce Crafts

Week 2

The second week we have some Valentine's Day themed worksheets along with an interactive activity. To the left are the worksheets and to the right is Share the Love. Share the Love is an activity where everyone gets a paper to cut the pieces to make a heart character with squiggle legs and arms. What makes this fun is that there are different colors on different worksheets and after cutting out the pieces, give about 2 minutes for students to make trades on what kind of colors they want for their character.

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Week 3

This week we drew. This sounds simple, but it requires a lot of prompting for all students. The examples to the left are two students in my classroom and they both required one on one support. I drew a panda on my paper while they copied it onto their own paper. To the right is the example I found online that I went off of. You can also get creative with the background. We used sponges and stamped hearts all over red paper. 

Week 4

We always have one week of Buddy Class that is a "play week." I either find stuff on TeachersPayTeachers, Super Teacher Worksheets, play board games in small groups, or reading groups. 

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