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Week 1

This week we do a little math together and of course theme it with the holiday of the month. You make a pot of gold and turn it into a math equation. I like to have projects that let the student choose what kind of math problem they want to do. It also encourages students to talk to each other about math while correcting each others probelms.

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Week 2

This week we talked about the time change in Spring or "Spring Forward." On there are multiple videos discussing time. We watched a quick video and played a quick activity where I called out a time and everyone said the time but an hour ahead. Then we created this coo coo clock. To prep, I just made a lot of shapes for my students to cut out. 

Week 3

This week we are creating spring creatures with paper plates. Students can choose a baby chick or a bunny. If the students finish early you can play a game like duck duck goose or silent speed ball. 

Week 4

We always have one week of Buddy Class that is a "play week." I either find stuff on TeachersPayTeachers, Super Teacher Worksheets, play board games in small groups, or reading groups. 

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