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Week 1

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This is one of my favorite weeks because we talk about how everyone is different and that's ok! The first part of this week, is a game where you "Find Someone Who..". To the left I have the worksheet and to the right we have an example of the art project. All you need is white crayons (to draw the snowflakes on the white paper) and then water colors to paint over the snowy scene! Don't forget to talk about how no 2 snowflakes are the same, yet they are all so beautiful! Just like people :) 

Week 2

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Today we had an activity that requires a lot of following directions and communication. First the teacher reads the first page to tell students how to decorate their snowman. At the end, everyone gets a few minutes to finish coloring in their snowman. Once their snowman is completed, we then play bingo! Everyone can walk around the room looking for specific snowmen to get bingo! Everything is in the link to the left. 

Week 3

This week happens to be our 100th day of school week! I made a few stations for this week as a celebration. First, there is a worksheet (with boardmaker modifications for my own students). Second, I printed out 100 for students to create their own art (examples to the right). And lastly, we got 100 cups to make towers 100 cups high! 

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Week 4

We always have one week of Buddy Class that is a "play week." I either find stuff on TeachersPayTeachers, Super Teacher Worksheets, play board games in small groups, or reading groups. 

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