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Week 1

The last month of school! How did we already get here?? To celebrate the end of Buddy Class we ALL go on a big field trip together. We are going to the zoo next week on Buddy Class day, so it only makes sense to have an animal/zoo themed project the first week of May. I googled animal coloring sheets (click on the right) and we are going to color them and decorate a scene to put the animals at the zoo. 

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Week 2

The second week of Buddy Class I wanted to go real crazy and make these birds! It is impossible to make them all look the same and they are all different in their own special way. We used tissue paper and glue to create the colors, and paper for the wings, eyes, and legs. If you have any colorful feathers, I suggest you add them! The more the merrier. 

Week 3

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Our last week of Buddy Class we do a little questionnaire. I attached it to the left, but I will revamp it someday. It can be cuter. ALL of these worksheets and tools I have used for this website are all free for you and EVERYONE! So spread the word. I want people to feel confident with inclusion and mainstreaming. Feel free to reach out to me or follow me on Instagram and share your stories :) 


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