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About Me

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My name is Kayla Coburn I have lived and taught all over California. I have been working with kids of all ages and abilities since 2009. In every educational role, I have made inclusion a priority. I have a special education teaching credential focusing on students with extensive support needs. In 2015, I received my masters in special education from San Francisco State University. For my master's project, I created a set of  presentations to educate general education teachers on how to create an inclusive environment. I have worked as a one-on-one instructional aide, primary and secondary teacher, an education specialist, and a rehabilitation teacher. I have presented at SFSU, Cal-Tash, and a variety of school districts on inclusion.


I have worked with a wide range of abilities and inclusion has always been a possibility for everyone and I want to bring inclusion to you!

California Deafblind Services

 While in grad school, I was fortunate enough to be selected to participate in a specialized program that focused on students who are Deafblind. This website gives you so much great information on how to work with students with multiple sensory needs. A great resource for everyone. 


KEEN is an organization that encourages exercise and play time for children with disabilities. I volunteered with KEEN my final 2 years in undergrad. They are an amazing organization and are nation-wide!


This organization screams inclusion!! I go to their conferences as much as I can to meet people with disabilities who have become a big part of their community, to meet other educators with the same goals as me, and to hear ideas of how to make inclusion successful everywhere!

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